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May not work on older TV’s made before 2007 unless you have a digital converter box required for older TV’s. For best results Place antenna Near a Window or Outside position Horizontally. 

How Do I connect Magic Stick TV™ Antenna?

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Enjoy your crystal clear, subscription free TV!

TIP: If you find a channel that is pixelating, do a slight readjustment of your antenna so antenna faces horizontally. Once your picture comes in clear, repeat Step 5 to lock in channels. Don’t move the antenna while scanning.




Q> I'm Not Getting any Channels?


1.  Click here  CHECK FOR SIGNAL.

2. Once you determined Signal is available in your area by in entering your zip code. Make sure Your TV is at least 2007 or Newer.

3. Using your TV's Original Remote Control Select (Input or source) then Select TV.

4. Now Using Your TV's Remote Select Menu and follow Orange card above.

Q> Can I Watch Premium Channels like HBO and ESPN FREE WITH Magic Stick TV™ Antenna?

A>  NO.....Magic Stick TV™ is a UHF/VHF digital television Antenna for local channels and does not have that kind of MAGIC......

Q> Does Magic Stick TV™ Antenna work with all TV's?

A>  It will work with all digital televisions and ATSC digital converter boxes required for older TV's made after 2007. 


Q> Does Magic Stick TV™ require Internet Connection?

A> No Internet is needed for Magic Stick TV Antenna™ to Work.

Q> Do I need one per TV or Can I use one Magic Stick for Multiple TV's in my home?

A> We recommend using one Magic Stick TV™ per TV as this will bring in a strong signal, However you can buy a splitter to use on two TV's.

Q>  Will Magic Stick TV™ Antenna work in my home?

A>   Yes, Magic Stick TV™ antenna is an indoor/outdoor digital antenna that works to pull both UHF & VHF Broadcast Signals. We                 recommend always check for signal to see what channels are being broadcasted near you home. 


Q> Why do some channel appear incomplete or blank?

A>  Weak signal. Your signal strength may vary based on a variety of factors, including, but not limited to, distance from broadcast towers, building construction, neighboring  buildings and trees, weather, and specific reception hardware. Your signal strength may be significantly lower in extremely hilly areas. In some cases you can add a optional amplifier to increase the reach to grab those channels.


Q> How does the Magic Stick TV™ Antenna work? 

A> The Digital Antenna is a Multi-Directional allowing users to pull local OTA channels in High Definition without the use of Cable,      

 Dish or Satellite services. Requires no power and pulls stunning uncompressed digital Channels from all directions. Magic Stick TV™  Antenna works by trapping the channel signals inside a geometric shape therefor resulting in better picture quality and signal strength.


Q>  How and Where is the best location to put Magic Stick TV™ Antenna?

A>  Near a window or outside. Though best if placed outside we recommend finding a sweet spot to maximize channel selection. Also there is no need to change antenna positions with each channel change once a desired location is chosen.  We recommend Positioning the Magic Stick TV™ Horizontally for best results. Also scan for channels again once you find a sweet spot and you’re done.

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